DOMA Coffee Roasting Company

Celebrated Roastery • Coffee Lab • Fair Trade • Eco Friendly • 6240 E Seltice Way, #A • Post Falls, Idaho 83854 • (208) 667-1267

Something draws me off the road in Post Falls, and it's not just the prospect of having a superior cup of coffee in a gorgeously designed space. It's the chance to slow down, connect with friendly and knowledgable people, and soak in a bit of what they mean with their tagline "coffee. culture. meaning." This is a business that, over the better part of two decades, has consistently taken a step back and examined the big picture: how can this beloved ritual of coffee be something better? Something of higher quality, something that nurtures communities near and far, something that cares for our planet. This is why I stop here every time.

KEY FEATURES: A stylish roastery that’s all about coffee, culture, and meaning. In 2000, DOMA set the bar high as an environmentally sound company that knows its priorities: roasting the highest quality coffee, working for community development, and focusing on fair trade principles. The engaging staff and warm environment will make all coffee drinkers feel welcome.