Sweet Peaks Ice Cream

Farm Fresh from Idaho & Montana • Unique and Classic • Downtown Spokane or Coeur d'Alene • SPO: (509) 475-9096
CDA: (208) 666-0832

A sunny stroll through downtown is always a treat, but today our crew is taking that literally. We're carrying waffle cones packed full of flavors—some classic, some creative, but all delicious. We're still taking in the sights, the parks, the shops, the water, but the conversation has waned a bit: our mouths are too busy savoring the city's best ice cream, sorbet, and yogurt.

KEY FEATURES: With the mission of showing off Idaho and Montana's best farm-fresh ingredients in every treat they create, Sweet Peaks has made a full commitment to being your new favorite local and natural ice cream shop. Concocting amazing flavors using raw materials like cream from Montana's Hutterite dairy farms and fruit from nearby fields, Sweet Peaks offers the freshest and tastiest treat to upgrade your day in the River City OR the Lake City.