Dilly Deli

Sammy's • Salads • Ka-Pow! • 903 North Wenatchee Avenue, Wenatchee, WA 98801, (509) 888-0064

Yes. That is the only reasonable response when someone invites you for lunch at the Dilly Deli. Especially if it is French Dip Friday. Always fresh with local ingredients in seasonlettuces like spinach, arugula kale, butterleaf, and so on piled high on sandwiches and at the salad bar and sooner or later on plates with fixin'ssprouts and cheese and dark red tomatoes, chickpeas and mushrooms, possibly egg, and certainly drizzled with flavorful dressings. KA-POW!

KEY FEATURES: A local deli providing homemade sandwiches, with fresh house-roasted meats, and made-from-scratch soups. Also featuring an eight-foot island of salad bar, their pride and joy! Awesome for kids. Consider take out, delivery, or catering.