Field Report No. 20141008IC

Silver Screen

'60's Hollywood


Last Wednesday we went to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I had already seen it, but we knew round two was in order when we heard it was playing at the Garland Theater. The Garland has been around since '45, and was/is an anomaly in the quiet Garland district. The vibe is the grandeur of Hollywood, the splendor of Jay Gatsby with neon tube lighting direct from 1980.

I imagined a high school romance plotline between awkward-teen-ripping-ticket-stubs and awkward-teen-handing-out-popcorn. It was fabulous. Bon Bon, one of the best cocktail bars in Spokane, upgraded the Garland by moving into what used to be the theater’s gift shop. With a couple whiskey sours on board, we proceeded to have the best time one can hope for at the movies.  

The Garland keeps money in your wallet by showing movies that are no longer in mainstream theaters, but are not yet out on DVD. Go on Wednesday for a discount on the discount (just $2.50 per ticket).