Good Vibes

Field Report No. 20141125IC

Topic: Crucial venues

Conditions: Modern, yet intimate

COMMENTS: This summer I biked to the Bartlett to see two of my favorite bands, The Antlers and Yellow Ostrich. It was a hot night. One of those nights that felt like despair and cigarettes, even though you don’t smoke. The Antlers seem to live in those kind of nights—all their songs feel like they lost something. There is a dearth of truly great small venues in Spokane, and there’s now exactly one that would attract a band like the Antlers. The renovated warehouse space on Sprague Ave downtown has become a hub of culture, giving young artists a place to gather and independent bands a reason to stop.

RECOMMENDATIONS: If you’re visiting downtown Spokane, stop into the Bartlett after 4pm for a beer or coffee. Perhaps you’ll also get to chat with Caleb and/or Karli Ingersoll, founders of the Bartlett and big players in the Spokane art community. Ask them why they chose to set up shop in the River City. You might find yourself wanting to do the same.