The Human Element


December 13, 2014: A question posed to Bobby Enslow, owner of Indaba Coffee Bar & Roastery in West Central Spokane.

F&C: This week we really enjoyed your "hashtag human" profile of Jacob, one of the baristas at Indaba. What sparked this way of communicating for Indaba, and how is this part of your larger goal to create community around coffee?

BE: The initial idea for our “hashtag human” campaign came from our desire to connect guests to the human element of specialty coffee. Sometimes as a barista you can begin to feel like a machine just pumping out fuel for the masses. In reality, the farmers who handpicked the coffee, the roaster who hand roasted the coffee, and finally the barista who hand crafts each cup with passion are a part of that cup of coffee.

We also want our guests to see and hear how their dollars are impacting the lives of real people in our community. One thing I’ve learned from starting a small business is how impactful it is to spend dollars locally. They say that 70% of a dollar spent locally stays right here in the community. This is huge! One of the reasons why I started INDABA in West Central was to see this neighborhood change for the better. 

Lastly, we have some amazing baristas and I simply wanted to show them off! A lot of them live right here in the West Central neighborhood, and all of them are involved in the community making a difference outside of what they already do here at INDABA.