Our First Bikes

Field Report No. 20141203IC

Topic: Motorcycles

Conditions: Treacherous

Comments: With fall's arrival, the sun seemed sweeter, ripe. My friend got his first motorcycle this summer, we've been meaning to ride since August. He came by after he got off work - we rode up Stevens, up Bernard, up High Drive, kept going southeast toward Palouse Highway. We are both young men with old, Japanese bikes - our first bikes. It’s a special thing to share. I wanted to ride his ‘74 Honda 500 cb, so we switched on Ben Burr Road then wound through the narrow lanes of Tower Mountain.  The sun was dipping low when we got on the Palouse Highway. Rolling fields of wheat, some pines. Took a left on Willow Spring and eventually found ourselves on gravel road called Big Rock - one false move could lay our bikes (old, Japanese) down. Big Rock Road cuts into south side of Tower Mountain, each turn revealing more of the Palouse - turns are dramatic - like magician pulling more and more ribbon out of sleeve. As we rounded the final bend of Big Rock Road I could hear my friend yelling over the motors in exultation. Proof of a perfect ride.

Recommendations: Go explore the Palouse. Biking or driving, you won’t be disappointed. On the way down, fuel yourself at Revel 77, a deep-south Spokane coffee spot that isn't kidding around. Also, if you need a motorcycle, check out Allen’s Cycle for sage advice that spans three generations.