Love and Authenticity

A question posed to Dakota and Bridget Shae of iLa Yoga, Wenatchee.


FCL: How as yoga made an impact on your life, personally?

Bridget: Yoga… this life practice of moving, being still, & breathing conscientiously, with intention and purpose and love, impacts my life in literally every way, shape, and form that I can be affected.

Aside from living and breathing our business, iLa, the action of yoga on the mat is a way for me to connect with my truest self. By listening to my breath, learning to move and be still in a way that empowers me to care for myself, love myself, and accept myself, I am able to move toward the best version of me.  As I am learning to step into this person, I am continually reminded to be present, to care for others, love others, and accept everyone, because of this practice.  From my relationship with my husband to an interaction with a stranger on the street, yoga reminds me to move in love, and remove judgment from my outlook.

And… from putting food on our table to stepping onto my mat everyday (usually several times a day!!) yoga has an immense impact on my world. I am so freaking grateful that the people I am surrounded by on the daily are of this mindset, caring for, loving, and accepting each other. This impacts me so positively, and absolutely inspires me to live and breath in LOVE and authenticity.  xox


FCL: How as yoga made an impact on your life, personally?

Dakota: Looking back to ten years ago I wouldn’t have thought in a million years I’d be practicing yoga almost everyday. Thank God for change though, right? Without it we’d all be living some crazy dream of the past or stuck right where we are right now for the rest of our lives!

Although the physical benefits of yoga are visibly evident and undeniable, I have been impacted most by the ability I have gained through my practice (term us yogis use to describe “the act of doing yoga”, because lets face it, perfection is an illusion created by the ego in order to validate ourselves, actions, material possessions, etc.)  to view the world differently.  Each time I step barefoot onto my mat is an opportunity, a reminder to be present, offering to me the ability to see the bigger picture, what’s truly important, and what has been created by society (or myself) that isn’t adding to the beauty of the world we live in or the life I’m leading.

So although all my experiences in life have led me to this moment, each time I step on my mat, I’m able to see more clearly, find presence and gratitude in this chaotic thing we call life, and hopefully share happiness and kindness to planet earth, which I share with billions of people, animals, and the crazy beautiful wilderness.  I guess the six-pack is just a bonus?