Field Report No. 20130528C: Horse Lake Reserve

Horse Lake Reserve, Wenatchee Foothills

Overcast, Light Rain

For the remoteness of it, it’s not a terribly difficult hike, more of a walk really. It was my first time on this trail and even under grey skies it was beautiful. We walked to the upper homestead; it’s overgrown, boarded up and run down. It made me sad and I said so. A light drizzle picked up and the sweet scent of straw complemented it perfectly. The boys loved the whole experience immensely, we’re one hike closer to our Foothills t-shirts.

Two former homesteads in the foothills overlooking the Wenatchee River Valley. The trailhead is three miles up a steep, dirt road. An intensive restoration project aims to turn these former wheat fields back into biodiverse shrub-steppe to support local wildlife populations.