Saddle Rock Trail Wenatchee

Field Report 20140804AH

Hiking Wenatchee



 the temperature mounted and anticipation of the view rose. Metered step after metered step after metered - on and on and on, up-and-up-and-up-and up toward the clouds and birds and deep blue high flying sky. Then the crumble of dirt under boots as they slide and the final push and we were there - every step was worth it.

KEY FEATURES: Round trip: 2-3 miles depending on route. Elevation gain: 920 ft. Taxonomy guide found here. Driving directions found here and on the Wenatchee Area Map and Short List.

RECOMMENDATIONS: In summer, pack water. Return often, as this trail is now being curated by the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust. Afterword, relax and rehydrate at Badger Mtn Brewing.