Old Fashioned Goodness

Field Report No. 20140912RC

Old Fashioned Goodness


COMMENTS: After a grueling float on the Spokane River, my wife and I headed up to the West Central neighborhood for some much-needed refreshment. Doyle’s Ice Cream Parlor, located on West Boone Avenue, has been a pillar of childhood memory and fancy to Spokies for generations. Originally opened in 1939, the ice cream parlor is full of story and tradition. It was reopened in 2010 to a jubilant community response after a four-year closure. The ice cream is still made on site, with the same recipes, in the original machinery.

Doyle’s closes seasonally. It is open during the summer and early fall, so make sure to check before making the trip. Finally, bring cash, because they also hold to the old ways of transactions.