Fire with Fire

July 10, 2014

There's a massive fire raging upriver from Wenatchee in Mills Canyon. At the moment, it's sending a faint whiff of smoke into the valley – the amount that smells sweet and reminds us that the world is still a wild wild place, and that this region is shaped by forces far beyond our control. 

So in the spirit of the day we present an uncommon pairing – a natural event with a natural approach to food.

Enter Fire at Pybus – let's pair fire with fire. The showcase here is wood-fired pizza, and they're delicious. Fired in a brick oven fueled by local apple wood, the pizzas are made right in front of your eyes then swiftly seared to perfection by the convection. The rustic approach here goes deep. The smoked paprika sausage on top? It's made by hand and cured right in this valley. And it's also delicious. Dan Carr and Candy Mecham, the duo behind the market restaurant take pride in sourcing their ingredients from the highest-quality local produce they can.

Let's take in the natural forces and embrace the smoke. Tonight's pairing: smoked paprika pizza from Fire, and canyon smoke – from Mother Nature.