Afoot in the Hills

August 6, 2014: 
A question posed to Bob Bugert of Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, an organization which works to protect natural areas through promoting a strong economy, clean air and water, abundant wildlife, and the freedom to enjoy it all.

F&C: What do the Foothills mean to the Wenatchee Valley?

BB: From just about anywhere in the Wenatchee area, the community’s beautiful skyline—the Wenatchee Foothills soaring to the west—cast a vision, a shadow, and aspiring-yet-attainable heights. Taking even one step into the Foothills, the experience just gets better—hillsides blanketed with balsamroot and lupine, wildlife left and right, vistas that look back at the valley below and the snow-covered Cascade Mountains in the distance.

What may seem to some a visual and recreational canvas, we believe is much more. The Foothills embody, signify, and inspire a unique approach to life. They are boundaries that define us, yet invite us to push farther afield, to explore this world that sustains us. They challenge us to live life alive!

The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust is currently undertaking a major effort to protect the beauty, wildlife, quality of life, network of trails, and historic monuments that surround us. Working with your partners, our goal is to perpetuate a world-class community asset that ensures a distinctly livable region for generations to come—one that strikes a unique and positive balance between development, wildlife, and recreation. To learn more about experiencing life in the Wenatchee Foothills, visit

RECOMMENDATIONS: After a morning hike in the Wenatchee Foothills, head down to the river to keep cool. Rent a paddle board from Osprey Rafting, grab a scoop of gelato from ICE, or relax at the market with a white wine from Jones of Washington