Sweater Weather

Field Report No. 20151016IC

Topic: Colors
Conditions: Crisp

COMMENTS: I’ve read stories (probably Steinbeck) of folks going on drives for the joy of taking in the surroundings, for the novelty of the machine. In college, my friend and I would go on drives. We wouldn’t talk; we would listen.

It’s been a few years, but I recently took a drive for pleasure. I drove out along Sunset Boulevard, heading west. The train bridges and the pines feel classic, like you could have been alive 100 years ago and see it unchanged. As I kept heading west, I pulled off the road to walk through the Finch Arboretum. It is stunning and a bit sad. The leaves are no longer turning, they have turned. Fall, in it’s full glory, is here.

KEY FEATURES: The park is 65 acres of vegetation, with a creek and trails throughout. In late October and November the trees to look for (you would have a hard time missing them) are Azalea, crabapple, maple, hawthorn, oak, and viburnum.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Get your fall sweater game locked in: stop at Echo Boutique or Lolo Boutique for the ladies, Global Neighborhood Thrift or Fringe n' Fray for the fellas. Swing by the Liberty Building to buy some Steinbeck for yourself at Auntie's, and grab a coffee to go from the good folks at Beautiful Grounds. Then make your way to Finch Arboretum. Soon. If the wind starts up, the colors won’t last much longer. Use this walking guide to help you orient yourself. Oh, and bring earbuds for your soundtrack: let's not pretend this beauty isn't pretty dang close to I-90.