My Anthill Of Awake

Field Report No. 20151029BB

Topic: Breakdown and revival

Conditions: Present

COMMENTS: Stumps began to animate, walking their crumbly hulking forms around the open understory near the trail, faceless ents trying to pass for human. Enchanted weasels darted back and forth across the path keeping just inside the shadows. In the luminous darkness of the lee side of the mountain I observed near-translucent greenish slugs and their quick beetle friends (who wore a new spectrum of black). Long-lost holly sisters combed my wild curls as they lapped at my back while I ran past. my posse of fern friends couldn't contain their excitement and leapt into my way to exchange high fives. I cawwed hopefully into the voiceless expanse and Raven cawwed back. We spoke for ten minutes or more, he matching my timbre and me repeating the sound in numbers equaling his calls. When the conversation didn't reach a logical end and I grew cold I rose and continued. A minute farther down the trail a four-point blacktail leapt magnificently perpendicular to my direction of travel.

KEY FEATURES: Interactive flora, fauna, and trail surface. Hundreds of miles of rich forested trail accessible by bus stop from Seattle. Drishti-lifting vaulting cedars. Moody weather and mist-tinged god rays through the canopy.

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