Field Report No. 20151006RC

Topic: Kendall Yards Night Market
Conditions: Excessive Goodness


COMMENTS: We have out-of-town guests on a Wednesday. It's the type of family you couldn't make up for a work of fiction, because they wouldn't be believable enough. He earned millions of dollars as an advantage blackjack player (yes, a card counter), then started a couple successful companies and is basically retired in his mid-thirties. As a couple, they are passionate about doing life and marriage and parenting in a refreshingly different manner. They are on a summer-long road trip around the U.S., which recently included hiking the Wonderland Trail as a family. Yes, that's the gorgeous 93-mile trek around Mt. Rainier. Yes, they have a three-year-old.

After a couple hours of conversation about life and family and spirituality over drinks at home, we decide to load up the kids and head over to the Kendall Yards Night Market. Not a bad way to walk off some energy before another long leg of the trip for the most interesting family we know.

KEY FEATURES: There's good times to be had just north of the river, so we walk around, take some photos, get some treats, taste some Indaba cold brew coffee, look at the river gorge, stop in to check out Veraci Pizza and Nectar Wine & Beer, toss a frisbee, and soak up the sun. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: The last Kendall Yards Night Market of the year is this Wednesday, October 7th. Why not get outside with family and friends and enjoy the neighborhood while supporting farmers and artisans and great local nonprofits like Project Hope? Exchange pleasantries with the proprietors and learn about what makes their goods unique.