Copper Glance (lake)

Field Report No. 20151008BB

Topic: No-fish fishing
Conditions: Saturated

COMMENTS: The drabness of late summer is gone, supplanted by these mercenaries of color. They proselytize to the mist while I sing silently to my notebook; sparse raindrops blot my words. This place's loveliness consumes me. The fishing today is s***—worst ever in this spot and I don't mind since I have the good company of the wind and rain. Being here I feel wealthy, like my living room is decorated in the color palette that most soothes me in each season and my kitchen is stocked with food taken at the height of nature's cyclic stirrings. It is mid afternoon and I am chilled, happy for the comfort of my steaming mug.

KEY FEATURES: Larches upon the choss that flame without burning. Impossibly milky turquoise waters. A hike stout enough to keep out the riffraff. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: Arm yourself with a freshly-ground bag of Blue Star’s Costa Rica Terrazu, your camp stove's french press attachment, and a Tenkara rod. Bonus points for jumping in these alpine waters anytime other than August.