Through the Forest Have I Gone

Field Report No. 20151009HB

Topic: Enchantments

Conditions: Crisp & Sunny


COMMENTS: With an early Thursday departure and a freshly brewed coffee from Good Mood Food, we made our way to the Colchuck Lake Trailhead. Weekdays don't ensure solitude but it does mean it won't resemble I-5 on a Friday. The Enchantments are well known and somewhat cliché for the experienced adventurer but they have yet to disappoint and perhaps this is why they are frequented so often. Season after season they arouse wonder and excitement for the people who enjoy them and their popularity, in no way, should discourage you from experiencing them. 

KEY FEATURES: McClellan Peak, Little Annapurna, and Dragontail’s Peak. If the conditions are right, veer off the trail as safely and responsibly as you can. The larches turn a vivacious gold around late September and remain vibrant through early October. The crisp air brings clear night skies and sunrises that are worth shedding that warm sleeping bag for. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: BRING DESSERT. Having chocolate in the wilderness is always a good idea. Backpacking is no time to cut back on sodium or sugar so bring good food too, like MaryJanes Farm dehydrated backpacking meals out of Mosco, ID. Or test your organizational skills and prep your meals yourself, just don’t forget seasoning! And finally, the camera may be heavy but, as you can see from the shots above, well worth the extra weight.