First Canine Ascent

Field Report No. 20151003SH

Topic: The freedom of the hills with man’s best friend
Conditions: Undimmed ascents, even luminous 


COMMENTS: Crowds of people summited Mount Adams this year, but these two stole the show. I had never seen man and his pup together on a glacier, nor had I witnessed a dog outfitted in mountaineering boots. Though it’s not recommended to bring pets into wilderness areas, I liked their casual style—the hip duo was determined to make the destination, their trip, and their adventure, their own.

KEY FEATURES: Approach the second highest mountain in Washington from the east. If you’re not up for a climb, take an amble to the southern base to meet Big Tree, a 370-year-old Ponderosa Pine.

RECOMMENDATIONS: This winter, prepare yourself for the PNW's largest mountains with yoga. Balance and strength and confidence for the climb, perspective and mindfulness for the silence you'll find at the top. In Wenatcheee: iLa Yoga. In Spokane, classes at Wild Walls. In Leavenworth, Evolve :: Local Yoga.