The organic way

farmer-in-residence Chris Petry, Leavenworth, WA

Planting the wheat that turns into bread; that’s a beautiful thing.
— Chris Petry


Name? Christopher Petry
Farm? Oh Yeah! Farms
How long have you been farming? Since 2008
How many acres do you currently farm? Seven
What are your main crops? Artichokes to zuchini. Specializing in heirloom grains, dry beans, garlic, onions, and other crops rarely grown in the Pacific Northwest. <Author's note: Chris also used to raise chickens.>


What is your current farming passion?
"My passion is more upright work as a baker and an orchardist. I've grown vegetables for eight years and am becoming more interested in following a food through its full lifecycle: from seed to baked loaf of bread. I think a lot of the problems in this country with obesity have to do with highly-processed grains that have been stripped of its nutritional value as opposed to whole grains that are vibrant and full of life and amino acids and lipids and fibers. I see this as an opportunity to educate customers about nutrition and the value of whole grains. It is cool to know your grower to your processor, end-to-end."

What are three things an urban eater can do to shop responsibly?
1. Go to the farmer's market in your neighborhood. Support your local farmers directly. 
2. Read labels. Eat real food. Don't buy GMO or from big agriculture.
3. Support Washington-grown whenever you can. Replace your imported food with local substitutes. Example: Instead of purchasing an imported orange to reap the benefits of its Vitamin C content swap it out for a locally-grown red pepper which contains more of the vitamin.

The farmer's favorites:
Argonaut Espresso, peddlers of the Blue Star Coffee, uses Oh Yeah! Farms grains and greens. Watershed Cafe, the new farm-to-table spot in Leavenworth,  is a huge supporter of Oh Yeah! Farms and is deeply rooted in the local food movement. Good Mood Food, a locals' favorite, also seasonally features local produce. 

Want more Oh Yeah!?
Find Chris at the University District farmer's market Saturdays from 9am to 2pm and at the Capitol Hill farmer's market from 11am to 3pm on Sundays. You can also email him at or check out an in-depth article recently published by Tilth Producers. Look forward to joining his CSA when it starts back up in 2016's growing season!