Swinging through the sagelands

Field Report No. 20151119BB

Topic: Running & coffee
Conditions: Frost-nipped

COMMENTS: Communed with the sagelands on this morning's run while visiting family in the Columbia Basin. Though this land has been stifled by decades of nuclear development the wisdom is still in the earth; it speaks with a soft, persistent voice. This summer the rivers ran low and warm, so low that at this confluence over sixty sturgeon washed up on the shores dead and fishing closed early. As the land hurts, we hurt. I hope the caresses of my ferns on the fragrant sagebrush as I passed them at running pace helps us heal together even if only a tiny bit for a short while. On this blustery pre-winter morning the wind broadcast cold wet hope from lowhanging clouds and even the dust was sodden. 

KEY FEATURES: Extensive and well-manicured mountain trails lovingly built by Friends of Badger Mountain. Moody clouds. Sage upon greying sage. Aesthetically skylined fellow mountain runners. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: Warm up after your chilly run with delicious coffee at Sharehouse a convenient five-minute drive from the trailhead.