Fall: A Look Back

Field Report 20151101SH

Topic: The fall that was
Conditions: Cool nights, glowing days


COMMENTS: Curiosity. An insatiable desire for delight. An attraction to the in-betweeness of the seasons. Looking back, these are the reasons I weekend-warriored my way from Spokane to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness three times in October.  Three stops at that gas station off the exit for Quincy to buy jalapeño cheddar popcorn to help keep me awake on the drive.  Three weekends in which I did not have the satisfaction of striking items from my to-do list; three weekends where my swift pace and perspiration against the cool air made me feel alive, lucky, and ready for more trails.

KEY FEATURES: 394,000 acres of beauty. 47 trailheads. 615 miles of trails. 700 lakes and mountain ponds. If I let it, the Alpine Lakes Wilderness will keep taking more and more weekends off my calendar.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Pour over or press techniques make for unbelievable coffee in the mountains, so protect your companions from gross instant coffee. For grounds worth packing uphill, choose your roaster wisely: J5 in Leavenworth, Indaba in Spokane, Caffé Mela in Wenatchee, Blue Star in the Methow Valley.