Painting the Town

Earlier this week, the arts scene and emerging artists in Spokane got a nice kick in the pants. Terrain made its goal on Kickstarter, and if you supported them, your money is in good hands. But the week isn’t over yet. First Friday (yep, that’s tonight, 5 till 8) will have one emerging artist bathing a whole neighborhood in bright, joyous colors.

His name is Sam White, and this is his party.

Marmot Art Space is the cozy white-box gallery that will serve as the epicenter of Mr. White’s paintings, but these massive, bright images won’t (can’t?) be contained. Over 50 works (7'x5', 6'x4', 6x3') will be displayed around Kendall Yards, most mounted in the windows of the yet-to-be-leased empty spaces in the new building across from Marmot. Bring the kids, because these giant, accessible works are a fun way to get ‘em thinking about art.

Here’s a timeline of what’s been going on with Mr. White, and you can go celebrate the culmination of it with him tonight. Back in September, Marshall Peterson (of Marmot) attended Art on the Ave in East Central. Massive, and massively fun, paintings being shown on the sidewalk? Who is this artist? Soon, it was settled, and that set something special into motion: after booking the November First Friday show at Marmot, Mr. White has had a prolific month or so of creative output. Many of the paintings you’ll see have been painstakingly produced over the past several weeks. The idea of showing the work mounted inside the windows of newly constructed space is something Marshall picked up while living in Berlin, where empty storefronts routinely feature local art.

While it’s certainly his biggest show to date, this won’t be Sam White’s only local exposure: KSPS producers Bob Lawrence and Bill Fitzner heard about the exhibition, and will soon be featuring Mr. White on their award-winning program "Northwest Profiles."

Pro tips: Complete the family outing over at Veraci, because great pizza on a Friday night should be a constitutional right. If it’s just grown-ups, imbibe at Nectar before—and hell, why not, after—enjoying the art.