A Walking Tour

Field Report No: 20150211AC

Topic: Wenatchee Downtown

Conditions: Friendly


COMMENTS: Spent some time on foot in downtown Wenatchee yesterday. They're a friendly bunch--the downtowners. Hard not to find a smiling face. Rarely can you find an historic downtown that isn't overly populated with kitsch, nice to step into actual stores with real goods--real being furniture and clothing, coffee, stationary, shoes, sporting goods and so on. 

KEY FEATURES: Pictured above left is the historic Doneen Building, a six story hybrid Art Deco and Gothic Revival building designed by architect Howard S. Wright and constructed in 1929 from reinforced concrete--the first steel and concrete structure in Wenatchee.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Grab an expresso at Caffe Mela, it's roasted right there in downtown Wenatchee