"Bam!" "Crash!" "Ka-Pow!"

Field Report No. 20150211ACC

Topic: Delis

Conditions: Marvel-ous


COMMENTS: So, it was time for a treat and we stopped in at the Dilly Deli which is a hole in the wall right next to the Riverfront Loop and just off the main drag in Wenatchee, WA. You walk in and the first thing you notice are the Marvel comics on the wallsnot tiny comic book sized, no--huge characters and words encircling a cafeteria-esque setting full of hungry patrons chowing down on huge sandwiches stuffed full of juicy, crunchy, fresh veggies and meatsmeats being ham, and turkey, chicken, bacon, salami, and all thatstuffed full of the kind of flavor that goes, "KA-POW!".

KEY FEATURES: The little crumb encrusted cheesecake is topped with copious amounts of caramel and drizzled with slender, modern looking chocolate. It appears small, but don't be fooled... bogart at your own risk.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Little crumb encrusted cheesecakes.