Idle Days

This week we asked Eric Peterson, Owner of Idlewild Pizza Company in Leavenworth, WA why he decided to open a restaurant. 

Why did I open a restaurant?

Very simple.

During my ski bum days in Colorado I enjoyed taking the dog for a hike on the abandoned, Ski Idlewild property. It was a beautiful setting in the hills of Winter Park, CO, which once played host to beginner and novice skiers of all ages.  There, walking among boarded buildings and forgotten liftsthe ultimate end of what the Miller Family beganwas the perfect time to reflect and figure out what the heck I was going to do with my own life. From the peak, a busy pizza restaurant was always conveniently in sight... It was fate.

I set about asking myself a few questions: #1 Where? Leavenworth, Washington, of course; #2 What? High quality pizza place; #3 How? Get off your butt, move to Seattle, and learn from the best.

-Eric Peterson