Beers in the Neighborhood

Field Report No: 20150223IC

Topic: Spokane Barroom Revelry

Conditions: Classic 


COMMENTS It's my dear friend's birthday. It's a Thursday and we haven’t planned anything, so we head to the Lantern Tap House in Spokane’s Perry district. At the Lantern, one of the co-owners, Mike, starts talking to us. Mike is an irrepressibly fun man. He points to a guitar on the wall, says he’ll buy us a round if we play the bar a song and the bar likes it. We play and the bar likes it. He gives one of our friends a beer because he has a mustache; the birthday boy gets a beer because... well hell, it’s his birthday. Sitting outside under a heat lamp, our group strikes up a conversation with some folks. The mustachioed friend freestyles a rap for our new acquaintances (strong lyrics, less-strong flow). We smoke cigarettes and are happy.

KEY FEATURES: Perry is a relatively new pillar in the Spokane food and drink scene. It's a small cluster of restaurants and bars in a quiet neighborhood southeast of downtown. There seems to be a good rhythm to the place, a sense of work and play. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: For intimate talks with strangers, sit in the tiny bar section that used to be the whole place before they expanded. Ask about rotating seasonal taps, or check their Facebook for updates before you head out to Perry St. You’ll find other stuff happening, too: if you’re a runner, a Tuesday evening running club meets for a run and a beer (in that order) during non-winter.