Field Report No. 20140325AH

Topic: First things

Conditions: Upbeat


COMMENTS: Stormed town from the north via Highway 97 and needed to stretch our legs. The irresistible power of the Columbia River drew us like hogs to mud and we found ourselves at Walla Walla Point Park—another benefit of hydro power—admiring the great blue ribbon as it moved by, glassy calm, its tiger's heart beating just below the surface.

KEY FEATURES: Venture up river and discover Rocky Reach Dam, churning out clean, reliable hydroelectric power. The dam was built and is operated by the people of Chelan County via their Public Utility District which also manages multiple parks along the river. Learn all about it and more at the dam's visitor center.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Parks line the river adjacent to most of the city. With multiple access points it's not hard to find great food and drink. Try Tastebuds, just up 5th street or stroll over to the Pybus Bistro and grab a bite in the market.