Date Night

Field Report No 20150212AC

Topic: Eating out

Conditions: Clammy 


COMMENTS: I always feel like a square when we go out to eat before 6:30 PM—something upon which we both agree and she reminded me of when we left our place at ten till six. It ended up not really mattering—the scene was full of life, even some old friends there enjoying house wine and swirling glasses and commenting on how big children are getting as bursts of laughter punctuate the baseline buzz. I had never eaten in at Garlini's new location and the atmosphere is lovely, much like McGlinn's.

KEY FEATURES: Garlini's restaurant was started in Wenatchee in the 80's by Italian immigrants Leonello and Margaret Garlini and passed to it's current owners, the Still family nearly 20 years ago.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Clam spaghetti... if you're looking for something to do before heading to dinner, consider stopping by Jone's of Washington for a wine tasting.