Downtown on Foot

Field Report No. 20150223ACD

Topic: Downtown Spokane

Conditions: Well kept


COMMENTS: Charged up from Madeleine's, we took to the sidewalks to explore downtown. Between stops we gazed up at the tallish buildings and admired their architecture while not knowing the precise terms for materials and styleswe labeled them immaculate, stunning, and so on. Soon we'd find something tasty for lunch, but for now it was all bridges and statues, great red wagons and corner roof lines and trash-eating goats.

KEY FEATURES: Downtown Spokane is remarkably well kept, small-town tidiness in classic big city clothing. An uncommon amount of old urban buildings remained for restoration, which is now fully in process. One reason? Spokane's mid-1900s economy wasn't in a place to knock them down in favor of newer, taller structures. A win for the city. Just the same, don't forget to cross the river to see Kendall Yards, which features lovely views and upscale Northwest architecture.

RECOMMENDATIONS: On a fair day, there's really no reason not to go it on foot, cross the Spokane River via the Monroe Street bridge and grab a bite from the terrace at Veraci Pizza.