Madeleine's Sneak Peek

Field Report No. 20140227ACC

Topic: A Fresh Start

Conditions: Optimistic

COMMENTS: Via the back door from Durkin's I first set foot into Madeleine's Café & Patisserie and it was magic. Magic because love is there in that space, and no one needs to spell it out for you. You can just feel it; it's ever-present and real, full of peace and joy and even without a single pastry rising or espresso brewing or even one customer present. You simply soak up that magicthe magic that is love, the love that is Madeleine's.

KEY FEATURES: Even partially complete, the vision is evident in the attention to detail, the careful color choices, the rustic fixtures, and the custom two seater booths created by Jon Tettleton from Old Hat Workshop.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Once they reopen in the new location (on Main between Stevens/Washington), experience the magic yourself and bring someone you love to Madeleine's.