Topic: Food

Conditions: Cheesy


COMMENTS: I was getting hungry but knew just where to go. We walked through Spokane's Kendall Yards to Veraci and saw the great red glow of the fires, heard the sizzle of cheese, smelled the aroma of fresh dough risingby the slice? No. We order a custom job divided into thirds made up of different pizzas from the menu. Yes! A pizza that changed type every third of the way 'round.

KEY FEATURES: Nearly 1000 degrees of fire, clay oven, local ingredients, neopolitan-inspired artisan crust, applewood from Yakima. Seth and Laura got their start at farmer's markets, added this pearl of a spot in Kendall Yards, and have enjoyed lots of foodies' votes as Spokane's best pizza spoteven when they only had the mobile cart.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Get one of the many northwest beers on tapeven if you are there for lunch. Don't forget to check out the Spokane River and downtown views on the patio. Not far from here you can find Indaba Coffee, a great spot to sip on espresso and just chill.