Wagons East

Field Report 20140227AC

Topic: I-90 Eastbound

Conditions: Fair Skies


COMMENTS: It was a Friday trip—business—to Spokane. Turbo rocketed us to 78 and all the world was a blur. We were high on life, or pumped for sales meetings, or three shots over on our espresso intake for the day, but chattered about features and vision and things men discuss for hours without the presence of women. We made great time to the Lilac City and found our way to Saranac Commons for another round of caffeine.

KEY FEATURES: I-90 measures over 3,000 miles of interstate and is the longest in the United States stretching from Boston to Seattle it plays host to many an abandoned cafe. (top left)

RECOMMENDATIONS: Avoid the restroom at the Texaco station on exit 220, Ritzville—one star, indeed.