Don't Be Lame.


We've all been there. Another weekend is coming up, and our only "plan" is to binge watch some Netflix in bed. There's a time for that kind of recreation (eg: college, when you finish finals week and all your friends have already moved out of the house). But there's a word for us when this becomes our default. That word is 'lame.'

It's Friday afternoon in Spokane. Time to get out there and have some #uncommon experiences in the next couple days. Here's a roundup of quippy little suggestions:

  • Actually Attend Live Music: It's bumming everyone out how little you go out and hear bands. People are starting to wonder if you even like music. Remedy that: The Bartlett has Disappears in from Chicago tonight, along with local fellas Von the Baptist. Zac Fairbanks of Booze Fighters fame is in a new band with a pun name? Count us in. Saturday night it's the Shook Twins. Once I was hanging out in Riverfront Park, minding my business, and these two Sandpoint sisters jumped on a stage and started harmonizing with their rootsy folk tunes, and I was... all shook up (apologies). They will be joined by the Rustics.
  • Be different at the Flour Mill: Take your kid to see some weird ancient animal bones and fossils and stuff at Wonders of the World. For you: beads, stones, and that uncommon object that will bring your whole living room together. Also: stay for Ethiopian food, chocolate, and sign up for an upcoming cooking class at the Kitchen Engine. If you haven't been in a while, remind yourself: the Flour Mill is cool. Then do the Spokane Falls walk on one of the footbridges into Riverfront Park. It's that time of year: they are raging.
  • Brunch it up on Sunday: Italia Trattoria over in Browne's Addition or Madeleine's downtown. Their word-of-mouth reputations say enough, so ask your foodie friends.
  • Flying out of town Monday? The Massaman curry at Sala Thai in Airway Heights is worth the ten-minute drive even if you're not headed to the airport. A true mom-and-pop favorite among those who know their Thai food. Treat yo self!