Drinks for Two

Field Report No.  20150403AC

Topic: Manhattan

Conditions:  Shaken 


COMMENTS:  We caught up over Manhattans, both rye and bourbon and other drinks as well and it was good to connect over the bistro table across from the bar. In Wenatchee 4:30 is a fantastic time to begin pre dinner drinks. Local favorite Visconti's Italian Restaurant--still in the tiny house on the corner of Wenatchee Avenue and Hawley St--the tiny house from which has come so much delicious food, craft cocktails, and a family of restaurants all built on fresh local ingredients and guaranteed quality.

KEY FEATURES: If you are looking for amazing wines, Visconti's has perhaps the best wine list of any restaurant in the region. It's worth it to stay for dinner just to pair a first rate Italian wine with a craft pasta.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Stay for dinner, you're missing out if you don't.