Pomme Friends

Field Report No. 20150403AH

Topic: French Fried Potatoes

Conditions: Frites


COMMENTS: We were thirsty to begin with and easily quenched that via the lefthand tap at Pybus Bistro (after our first stop for cocktails at Fire) and soon thereafter needed more salt to balance out the malt. She handed us le menu and the thought of Pomme Frites made our mouths water in anticipationlike man's best friend at Pavlov's apartment over in St Pete's but without stormy Russian music, rather the general buzz of market activityso we ordered them and were not disappointed. Round two.

KEY FEATURES: The Pybus Bistro is a great stop for foodieshand-crafted meals from scratch, the cook in his flannels leaning over the flames, glasses getting foggy from the steam of artisan goodness. Yum.

RECOMMENDATIONS: When you get the Pomme Frites, ask also for their curry ketchup and an empty ramekin that you will use to combine the aioliwhich comes withand said ketchup to produce the best fry sauce ever.