Field Report No 20150417IC

Topic: Movies

Conditions: Independent


COMMENTS: Every time I go to the Magic Lantern Movie Theatre I am surprised. The place is tucked away in the Community Building on Main downtown. It almost seems like it is operating without anybody knowing. Like some old man’s hobby that is beautiful and everyone thinks will be over soon, but continues on. 

My wife and I live downtown, so we were able to bike to the theatre in the warmer months. I remember riding together on a particularly warm night, to see Samsara, a non-narrative documentary about the miraculous and the mundane of our world. We are not overly academic or into documentaries. We eat cheeseburgers and watch football and like being outside and being playful. But this night was amazing. The film was so expansive and beautiful. I don’t know if it was the theater itself, or the documentary, or biking through the city or a combination of all of the factors, but I was moved. After the film was over, we walked across the street to Zola and talked over PBRs (we aren’t made of money). What will we do with the time we have? Ah! Such beauty! We wrestled with questions, and loved the struggle.

KEY FEATURES: They show a lot of independent films that are no longer in theaters or had a limited release. Tickets are $8. They have great popcorn (bottomless bowls), tea and coffee, and the folks who work there are classy.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Uh... go to the Magic Lantern.