Introversion Outdoors

Field Report 20150424JS

Topic: Nature Therapy at the Little Spokane

Conditions: Reflective



Now and again my introverted tendencies beckon to me, a weight somewhere down in my stomach. Today, they want a spontaneous nature experience. I don’t argue—it’s part of our arrangement. I drive toward the Little Spokane River via Waikiki and Rutter Parkway on Spokane’s north side. It has just rained, and the sun and the clouds are negotiating. Stresses I didn’t know I had find expression and solace as I pass over a bridge across the meandering, marshy river. The bridge is a bridge, but also a metaphor.

A farm plot for sale, complete with iconic red barn. The thick, steady current of a river mid-spring. Deep greens of pine and river grass steeping in the low morning light. The human eye can see more shades of green than any other color. 

A yellow flower is in bloom everywhere. I regret that I can’t identify it, like a pretty girl whose name I don’t know.

I park in a lot near Indian Painted Rock, and saunter along the riverside path. Small universes are contained in the dewdrops of the path-side plants. I can’t tell if this makes me feel big or small.

Blanketed stress finds relief in the freshness of the morning. I’m not sure what the feeling is, other than the feeling of awareness. With awareness comes clarity, and with clarity, honesty. With this, at least, the tendencies in my stomach are quieted and appeased.


The solace of deep woods only 10 minutes out of town. Cave art from the 1700s. Passages and views and spots where big salmon used to be, sustaining people for thousands of years. Easy access to trails and hikes if you park at the Little Spokane Natural Area (WA Discover Pass required). The wild simplicity of Spokane’s overlooked North Side.


Try the journey solo or with a close friend. Stop by for an Evans Bros shot or two at Little Garden Café—a ritual on the way from downtown to Riverside State Park and points further northwest. Before heading home, Pints always has something #uncommon on tap.