Rainy Day Defeater

Field Report 20150407JS

Topic: Climbing, Sandwiches, Friendship

Conditions: Vertical, slightly British


COMMENTS: A rainy, late-winter-ish day and I’m tasked with entertaining a friend of a friend, an English girl named Tori visiting Spokane for the first time. I want to indulge the day’s gloom and cancel. Instead, I rally enough to enlist the help of my friend Jeff, and with some intel from Tori’s host family, we learn she has always wanted to try rock climbing. Jeff and I are regulars at Wild Walls Climbing Gym. Perfect.

We ascend the morning amidst chalk dust and pumped out forearms. Tori is loving it. The dumpy weather outside can’t touch us.

Appetites summoned, we head to Common Crumb (in Saranac Commons, 19 W Main) for Spokane’s newest buzz-worthy bakery. We look around the spacious atrium, enjoying conversation almost as much as our sandwiches and soup.

KEY FEATURES: Wild Walls has enough top-rope and bouldering problems to satiate even the most avid climbers—perfect for Spokane winters. Bonus: the young staff at Wild Walls keeps the independent music selection as fresh as the ingredients at Common Crumb.

RECOMMENDATIONS: New to climbing? Try the Vertical Introduction Package: a two-hour lesson and week-long membership for $35, gear included. Yep, you read that price right. An ice cream and cappuccino at Caffé Affogato (also in the Commons) is a good way to celebrate the fact that this slushy day has not defeated you.