Impromptu Tasting

Field Report No 20150408AH

Topic: Red Wine

Conditions: Award Winning


COMMENTS: It was about 4:30 and I had an hour to kill before meeting up at McGlinn's with a friend I'd known for ages but hadn't seen in some time on account of life and busy schedules, working and being responsible which is to say respectable in all ordinary culturally accepted ways. I was wandering Pybus, passed an old chum and we plopped down at the Jones of Washington tasting room - one glass each before moving on to prior engagements.

KEY FEATURES: The staff at the tasting counter is very friendly and knowledgeable and made the experience lighthearted and fun, which is what you want when you're wine tasting.

RECOMMENDATIONS: While I like most of their wines, they produce a mad sangiovese - give it a try and think of me.