Under the Great Blue Star

Field Report No. 20150512AC

Topic: Methow Valley

Conditions: Momentum 

COMMENTS: We met up at Blue Star Coffee Roasters, right off Highway 20 westbound entering Twisp. The wire mesh table shaded by Blue umbrella comforted us from sunny morning heat. The conversation focused on speeding up and movement and building and expansion, and great things in the Methow Valley. That's speeding up--not heating--via Blue Celestial on mug delivered in the form of cappuccino. 

KEY FEATURES: Blue Star Coffee Roasters was founded in 1992 and hand roasts in small batches on a modified and updated 1963 Probat 22 kilo machine.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Take a moment from the schedule you're trying to keep or the time you're trying to make and instead make time to refuel at Blue Star Coffee Roasters.