A Foodie Thing

F&C: What draws successful restaurateurs from Seattle to Wenatchee, Washington?

First of all, we were drawn to the beauty of the region.  From the orchards with a bounty of fruits to the high desert country with grapes and wheat, this place is geographically stunning and a culinary dream come true.  Farm ingredients abound and we were drawn by a “back to nature” wish for food. We want consumers to know that enjoying good food starts with pure ingredients and the right preparations.  These are not necessarily inexpensive, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.  Good ingredients translate into good health, better living and a happy environment. 

The closer we are to the land, the better our lives will be and from a former Seattle via Vancouver via Houston via Puerto Rico via Montreal via German chef’s view, people in Wenatchee should be experiencing that. Often, locals are drawn to chain restaurants, when they could be experiencing so much more.  Of course, there are far too few independent restaurants serving quality local foods.  Hopefully, we are seeing the beginning of a movement--excellent, independent chefs setting up shop and introducing the region to simply prepared, yet elegant, presentations of delicious foods--exposing people to foods as they are meant to be.  Not processed, not canned, not formula food--but right out of local fields, orchards, farms and ranches. 

That’s why we are drawn to Wenatchee.  It’s a foodie thing.  Quality of life thing.  Appreciation for the land and of nature thing!  One big package to love. -Julie & Ludger Szmania