Dust Devils

Field Report No. 20150522SH

TopicEastern Washington Roadtrip

Conditions: Dreamy


COMMENTS: Beside the choppy banks of the Columbia surge highways, rails, and clusters of wind turbines. Flocks of geese dart in acute angles toward their spring homes. I swear I can see and even feel everything growing—the red and green grasses that sway across the buttes. Especially with the smells of soil and damp leaves already drying.

Plumes of dust devils purl into the air just beyond Vantage, where the basalt cliffs drop away and I-90 points like an arrow toward Spokane. I count seven tangled swirls of dust. Number eight is a tractor churning up the earth, readying the fields for spring wheat.

Key Features: Road trip, I-90 eastbound, shaking off the dust. Late in May, music-loving sojourners return from Sasquatch, groggy and inspired.

Recommendations: Welcome yourself home. Depending on the time of day, choose a cold brew coffee at Revel77 or a cold brew IPA and well-spiced sustenance at Picabu Bistro.