On the Hunt


Topic: Trail Head, Espresso

Conditions: Damp 

COMMENTS: We were on the hunt for a clean, mossy, green trail. A trail that reminded us of the Pacific Northwest. Ducked into an Espresso joint covered in old rusty pipes and reclaimed wood. Decided to take part-- simple, bright, elegant--shot extraction having brilliant body disguised by grassy, yet fruity taste. Back on the street we found ourselves pulling hoods over our heads then taking cover in a small boutique. The aroma of candles and plants sat well with our senses, we browsed then took off to a secret trail head. (local business owner tipped us off) There we were stopped in our tracks by the beauty of the Icicle River--loud, alive, roaring--and we slid down mossy rocks to meet it. This is the Pacific Northwest. 

KEY FEATURES: A. Simonelli Espresso Machine, Central American Coffee, Locally Roasted // B. Soy handmade candles, Leather Goods, House Plants, Jewelry 

RECOMMENDATIONS: A. J5 Coffee: Machiatto. // B. Posy Handpicked Goods: PF Candle Co, Teakwood Tobacco Soy candle. // C. Icicle River Trail Head.