Virtue and Bright Memories

Field Report No. 20150525AC

Topic: Memories

Conditions: Bright

COMMENTS: After explaining to the barista the virtue and value of Ibex I trucked back to home base and we loaded up the car with towels and toys. We hauled down to the Orondo Street launch and father-in-law dropped the boat in record time. Away to the current we flew and then charged upriver under hot sunlight in celebration of those who've given their lives to make it all possible.

KEY FEATURES: Memorial Day was originally established by the Grande Army of the Republic (yes, it's true!) as Decoration Day--a day to adorn the graves of fallen heroes with flowers.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Appreciate the past, love your country and those who serve it. Also, there's nothing wrong with loving it from a Mastercraft, a golf course, or even a mountaintop. Just remember how blessed you are.