Smells Like Vanilla

Field Report No. 20150527SH

Topic: McLellan Conservation Area, Long Lake

Conditions: Partially sunny, buoyant skies


COMMENTS: 1.5 miles of shoreline from which to fish and ponder how the sky and river trade light. 410 acres of Douglas Firs (compact foliage, sweeping branches) and Ponderosa Pine (long needles, smell like vanilla in spring) through which to wander, intentionally lost but not lonely. Scout the granite cliffs south of the parking lot or haggle with adventure on the teetering rope swing. Let out a boisterous yell in honor of the first plunge of the season. 

KEY FEATURES: Tackle box, water views, cliff jumping options at "the cove" in warmer temperatures.

RECOMMENDATIONS: At the day's beginning, use this map to get there. At the day's end, throw your fish back… there's better eating back in town. Clean up just a bit and go share stories from the day over a house-made charcuterie board in Sante's Butcher Bar.