Field Trip: Part II

Field Report No. 20150528AH

Topic: Steinbeck 

Conditions: Misty 

COMMENTS: One for the books (pun- you'll see later). Everyone loves a good wedding, I don't think I'm going Out on a Whim by saying that. Always filled with joy and optimism, they bring people together in a way few events can. 

Three stunning destinations: a beach bonfire, a legendary golfer's course, and a museum for a historically significant Californian author

Optimizing an automobile allotted me the freedom and flexibility to explore the area but lead to far less spontaneous adventures via no added pressure of having to think a few steps ahead or better yet, getting lost and stranded. Alas, I can only imagine the fun I'd have getting lost and stranded. GPS ruined everything. 

KEY FEATURES: Sunshine (once in a while), beaches, ocean mist

RECOMMENDATIONS: If you have a car, drive along the ocean coast. Drink well and often, live it up in this affluent community. Take only enough photos to remember the events and spend the rest of the time enjoying the company of others.