Saturday Ritual

Field Report No. 20150611HB

Topic: Farmers Market

Conditions: Local

COMMENTS: Eating seasonally is unbelievably simple this time of year. An afternoon well spent entails embracing your inner Julia Child and creating a farmers market themed lunch or gourmet picnic. Eating from the market means high quality nutritious ingredients and good eatin’. It doesn't hurt to support local businesses either. In preparation for my picnic, I scanned the market’s bounty and was immediately smitten by the idea of a vegetable sandwich. Because it’s almost summer I decided to use the last of the season’s radishes paired with thinly sliced garlic scapes. Fresh ciabatta bread and chèvre gouda from Pybus Market made for the perfect base. This sandwich came together with red lettuce romaine, lettuce leaf basil, and a light drizzle of truffle oil followed by a dash of cracked pepper.

KEY FEATURES: Early signs of summer, bright colors, pleasant aromas, and smiling faces make the Farmers Market a favorite on this Wenatchee Saturday. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: Riverside with a Farmers Market sandwich, Rainer Cherries in hand and a tall glass of lavender lemonade.