Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Field Report No. 20150518AH

Topic: Connecting 

Conditions: LTE

COMMENTS: Fresh from the field exploring and adventuring, there's one part of Maslow's Hierarchy that is often forgotten...WiFi. Like it or not, these pocket-computers have become so engrained in our daily, hourly, "what time is it?" life-style, it's challenging to remove them from our routines (ever tried using the restroom without one? Yikes!) For this reason, I find myself searching for excuses to be "out of reach." Camping, hiking, skydiving, running with the bulls, and so on. Plus, it's that's much sweeter when you return and learn of those who love you and sent you messages.. My suggestion: turn your phone off when dining with someone who is important to you. If they're not important to you then by all means check your tumblr! 

KEY FEATURES: Brighter Screen, Better Camera, Faster Processor

RECOMMENDATIONS: Enjoy the sweeping views of Wenatchee from Burch Mountain then stop in at The Thai Restaurant for some Pad Thai, Spice Level: 2, Protein: Beef, Drink: Thai Basil Lemon Drop