Night with Nealon

Field Report No. 20150608AH

Topic: Pre-Show

Conditions: Anticipation 

COMMENTS: Sitting at the bar, delighting in a margarita, prepping for another night of entertainment fresh off a bender of a weekend watching live comedy (highly conducive to over-consumption). Kevin Nealon, who is delightful and affable, Sean Jordan, who is sharp and earnest. Two comics with different stories and backgrounds but pair extraordinarily well together. Both with an extra dose of small-town gags (we get it, we're not L.A.) all in good fun, all with great timing, and enough research to get the pronunciation correct. Being the small town makes it all the more important not to reaffirm our established stereotypes. Treat them well, respectful, and perhaps they'll return to entertain us someday again. 

Margarita Philosophy: Pineapple Juice, Lime, Basil, Patron, Agave Nectar 

Back to the start, sitting at the bar, delighting in a margaria, triple digit weather outside getting ready to see Howie Day at Caffe Mela (I hope he plays "Collide", otherwise I will know approximately zero songs).

"Sometimes life isn't good, it's great." Mantra: Be where you are on purpose.

Today, I live in a place with 90 Degree-Junes and Bluebird-Decembers. Life is good...or, it is great. 

KEY FEATURES: Air Conditioning 

RECOMMENDATIONS: Garlini's Napoletana Blackened Chicken Pasta